• The Data you need to keep your schedules rolling

Generate many types or reports to allow you to crunch numbers on payroll, billing, staff hours, and more.

Need to look in to how much overtime is being worked? Or maybe you want to check on your agency’s performance and view a daily status report? Staffpoint™ can do that.

Use Staffpoint’s built in report builder to track a variety of metrics, such as which schedulers are excelling, costs vs. expenses, which staff have declined and when, the clients that have cancelled the most, and lots more.

Customized detailed reporting

Using Staffpoint’s built in report builder to create the reports you need.
Drag across the headers you want and set filters and parameters so you see only the data you want to see.

Save up to 200 different custom reports and run the date range when you need the data.

Once you get the report you want, export your reports to MS Excel® or CSV.

Take the data where you need it

No more double entry.
Staffpoint™ works with all kinds of data formats such as MS Excel®, QuickBooks®, MS Dynamics®, PeopleSoft® and much more.

When it’s time to do payroll export to over a dozen payroll providers such as ADP®, Paymate®, Ceridian® and many more.