• The Calendar... Re-imagined

There are many “scheduling programs”, only one staffing system, Staffpoint!

Most other software is just a digital calendar that you have to fill in and then you try to remember who is free.

Staffpoint does the opposite, with one click it shows you who is at your disposal and ranks the best options (based on your rules).

It may seem like a small distinction but it makes a huge difference, all in a color coded, easy to use interface that anyone can use.

One Click, Staff Search Engine

Click on an open assignment, Staffpoint will scan your entire database, remove those double booked, not qualified and asked to be excluded.

Ta da!

You get a list ranked and scored of all the people at your disposal with 100% accuracy. Anyone can do it.

The “Anyone Can Schedule” System

Red are open assignments, blue are assigned and green are approved.

It’s that easy.

A color coded layout means you can start using Staffpoint without having to assign resources, plan schedules and set prerequisites.

No need to remember commands, legends or codes.

Set rules, keep everyone on track

Setup Staffpoint your way and have your entire team work they way you would.

Rules for Overtime, ranking for availability, cancellations rules, breaks and much more.

Rank available people based on the hours, distance from the job, experience, seniority or a little bit of everything?